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Flooring Installation Company

Quality - Delivered on Time - Within Budget
Trusted Kitchen Renovation Experts serving calgary, vancouver & edmonton

Flooring Installation Company

Quality - Delivered on Time - Within Budget

Top quality and professional flooring installations at competitive cost. We do vinyl flooring installation, laminate flooring installation, hardwood flooring installation, tile and new carpet. Our installers are experienced to do the job right and install every flooring material to the manufacturer's specifications.

Our Process

Ceiling job quotes can vary from $2.90 to $4.90 per square feet.
We provide transparent, upfront quote with detailed recommendations of what’s involved.

  • We will visit your home to discuss the requirements, do measurements and discuss the options.
  • We will provide suggestions and answer any questions you might have such as what type of flooring is suitable for your needs.
  • We will assess your current flooring to determine removal and related costs.
  • If baseboards and trims need to replaced, we can help you finalize them.
  • Next step is to provide a quote and build the proposal as per our discussion.
  • On confirmation, we will schedule and start the job for timely completion.

Factors which contribute to the final quote:

Installation Costs

Vinyl & Laminate Installation: $1.85 – $2.85 per sq. ft. 

Hardwood Installation: $2.75 – $3.90 per sq. ft. 

Case Example of 2,000 sq. ft. Home

Installation of LVP (Vinyl/Laminate): $1.85 to $2.85 x 2,000 sq. ft.

Baseboard removal and reinstall: $0.80 to $1.00 x 2,000 sq. ft.

Existing floor removal (if required): $0.95 x 2,000 sq. ft. 

Garbage dump, clean up and other costs etc.: $400 – $1,000

Good LVP (Vinyl) Material cost: $2.69 to $6.90 x 2,000 sq. ft.

Baseboard material cost: $1.30 to $2.50 x 2,000 sq. ft.

* You can install new baseboards or use existing baseboards. Sometimes LVP can be installed on top of existing flooring itself or else existing floor can be removed.

* Cost will depend on the material you choose, and if the existing flooring needs to be removed. If leveling is required at any location or if other variables come into play, anticipate an additional cost.

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Luxury Vinyl Flooring Samples

Some of the popular selling vinyl flooring samples are shown below. 

Laminate Flooring Samples

5/5.5 mm, 6/6.5 mm thickness available in different colors. Some of the popular selling laminate flooring samples are shown below. 

Engineered Hardwood Flooring Samples

Some of the popular selling engineered hardwood flooring samples are shown below. 

Featured Before & After Transformation

This beautiful kitchen remodeling/ renovation in Calgary was done for $14,900.
It included: New Cabinets, New Quartz Countertops, Shaker Finish Premier Cabinet doors, New Island. Installation was included too – no separate charge for installation. All of this for $14,900.
We are upfront and transparent about the pricing. Contact Now for the quote.


Why Us

Just few of many reasons to work with our team of contractors.
  1. We work with multiple contractors and hence can always provide you with options.
  2. Our contractors/job technicians are vetted, registered and insured.
  3. We provide upfront transparent quote and alongwith guide you through the process.
  4. We will recommend the solutions and bring forth the elements of the process which you may have missed.
  5. We go above and beyond the normal delivery and strive to make sure you are satisfied. Renovations and Remodeling projects can be overwhelming, we make it easy and smooth for you.
  6. We will provide the solution you are looking for and also share with you the things which will give you the clear picture.

Premier Equipment

Premier kitchen cabinet & door finishing with our cutting edge in-house machinery
Altendorf F5 Edgebander
Not F2, Not F4 but we use the F5 Edgebander machine.
The advanced high-performance F5 Edgebander machine has features unmatched in a machine of its class. It guarantees premium edge finishing results on cabinet components, cabinet doors etc. with nearly invisible glue joints.

Our Process

We will provide you a ballpark quote range. Thereafter our technician will visit your location to have a look at the ceiling. This will help us create accurate quote and recommend the options available. We will discuss the options, paint, preparation, job timelines and clean up.
2. Planning
On confirmation and deposit, we will schedule the technicians to start the work. In empty homes and homes which are planning to get full inner renos, preparation times are short. However if we need to preserve your existing walls and floor, it usually takes 1-2 days for preparation i.e covering the walls and floors.
3. Work Begins
After preparation, we start the work. It usually takes 2-4 days after preparation to finish the job. If it’s a flat ceiling, fixing imperfections may add 1 day to the process.
4. Quality Check
After work is complete, you will inspect the work and if there are any sections of work you would like to point to us, feel free to do so.
5. Clean Up
After work is complete, you will inspect the work and if there are any sections of work you would like to point to us, feel free to do so.


Standard flooring installation timelines are usually 4-5 days however it depends on square footage of your home. To get an exact timeline and quote for your project, contact our experts. 

Customer Reviews

We bought a new house and wanted a complete remodeling. Got quotes and ideas from 3-4 companies. Beautiful Renovations were very easy to deal with. Their ideas were to help us build a new kitchen that is more functional than the existing one and at same time way more beautiful. Their plan, pricing and approach clearly stood out among all the quotes we took. End result was amazing. Same goes for our bathrooms too. We loved their work. Really great work at a nice price.


– R. Manio

Our kitchen was old and had very few cabinet space. We wanted custom cabinets for our kitchen renovation that fits in our layout and add more space. Beautiful Kitchen Renovations team visited our place. Best thing I liked about them was, they took their time to discuss ideas, increased our cabinet space by almost 35-40%. New custom cabinets look beautiful. Always response and their quote was best of all. Strongly recommended.


– Sonia M.

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