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trusted, registered & insured kitchen remodeling company

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Beautiful Kitchen Designs - Delivered on Time - Within Budget

Calgary | Edmonton | Vancouver
trusted, registered & insured home remodeling experts

Home Renovation Experts

Beautiful Spaces - Delivered on Time - Within Budget
Calgary | Vancouver | Edmonton
trusted, registered & insured kitchen remodeling experts

Kitchen Renovation Experts in Calgary, Edmonton & Vancouver

Beautiful Kitchen Designs - Delivered on Time - Within Budget
We provide transparent, upfront quote with detailed recommendations of what’s involved.

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Reflect your sense of style. Turn your dream spaces into reality.


Contemporary and modern, elegant and timeless or bold?  Out team at Beautiful Renovations can transform your kitchen, bathrooms and other spaces to reflect your personal sense of style.


We offer a lifestyle oriented design, kitchen renovation, bathroom renovation and home renovation experience. You can explore and choose from our multiple lines of kitchen and bathroom designs, cabinetries, flooring etc. to meet your requirement and taste. Our team works one-on-one with you to make sure the outcome is as per your satisfaction.


We manufacture custom kitchen cabinets in our manufacturing facility to ensure quality product and timely delivery.


Let us build your dream kitchen, bathroom etc. designed to suit your space and life completely.

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Why Us

Just few of many reasons to work with our design team.

  1. We balance ‘Beauty, Functionality and Space’ in our kitchen and bathroom designs.
  2. Custom cabinetry manufacturers with local manufacturing facility.
  3. Hundreds of design and color options to choose from.
  4. We provide upfront transparent quote and guide you throughout the process.
  5. We recommend solutions and bring forth elements which you may have missed.
  6. We go above and beyond the normal delivery and strive to make sure you are satisfied. Renovations and remodeling projects can be overwhelming. We make it easy and smooth for you.
  7. We will provide the solutions you are looking for and also share things which will give you the clear picture.
  8. We use most up to date technology and machinery in our manufacturing facility.

Home Renovation Services


Popcorn Ceiling

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Knockdown Ceiling

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Types of Ceilings

Custom Kitchen Cabinets

At Beautiful Kitchen Renovations, we offer custom kitchen cabinets that are tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a modern or traditional style, our experienced team will work with you to design and create cabinetry that not only looks beautiful, but also maximizes the functionality of your kitchen.

Popcorn Ceiling

This is the standard texture ceiling. It has a heavy finish and is visually loud. Popcorn ceiling hides the most imperfections or defects in the ceiling. Comparatively it’s cheaper. Lot of times people while renovating prefer to remove the popcorn ceiling and replace it with knockdown or smooth flat ceiling.

Knockdown Ceiling

Knockdown is visually pleasing and subtle in comparison to popcorn ceiling. It is not as loud as popcorn and gives a soothing look. We often see people preferring to replace popcorn with knockdown ceiling.

Splatter Texture (Orange Peel)

Splatter texture is in between knockdown and popcorn. Process is the same as knockdown but it’s not smoothed out like knockdown.

Popcorn Removal

Removal of the popcorn ceiling and replacing it with a flat ceiling will require removal, sanding, fixing imperfections and painting. Lot of times until step 1 i.e popcorn is not removed, one doesn’t know what imperfections are hiding behind it. Therefore, if you plan for a flat ceiling, we do provide an upfront quote, but transparently will recommend you the alternatives, if after popcorn removal, we find a lot of imperfections which will need fixing. But definitely the effort is worth it, as flat ceilings add a lot of premiumness to the home and spaces.
Trust Us

Our Process

We will provide you a ballpark quote range. Thereafter our technician will visit your location to have a look at the ceiling. This will help us create accurate quote and recommend the options available. We will discuss the options, paint, preparation, job timelines and clean up.
2. Planning
On confirmation and deposit, we will schedule the technicians to start the work. In empty homes and homes which are planning to get full inner renos, preparation times are short. However if we need to preserve your existing walls and floor, it usually takes 1-2 days for preparation i.e covering the walls and floors.
3. Work Begins
After preparation, we start the work. It usually takes 2-4 days after preparation to finish the job. If it’s a flat ceiling, fixing imperfections may add 1 day to the process.
4. Quality Check
After work is complete, you will inspect the work and if there are any sections of work you would like to point to us, feel free to do so.
5. Clean Up
After work is complete, you will inspect the work and if there are any sections of work you would like to point to us, feel free to do so.

Our Recent Designs & Renovation Projects

Few of our many beautiful before and after designs

Client Reviews

We bought a new house and wanted a complete remodeling. Got quotes and ideas from 3-4 companies. Beautiful Kitchen Renovations Calgary were very easy to deal with. Their ideas were to help us build a new kitchen that is more functional than the existing one and at same time way more beautiful. Their plan, pricing and approach clearly stood out among all the quotes we took. End result was amazing. Same goes for our bathrooms too. We loved their work. Really great work at a nice price.


– R. Manio

Got my kitchen renewed by Beautiful Kitchen Renovations and I could not have picked a better company to help me with that. From design to actual building process in my house the team always made sure I was getting exactly what I wanted on every single details. Now I have an amazing kitchen upgrade and I’m excited to work on new projects with them! 10/10 recommend!


– V. Cordeiro

Our friends referred us to Beautiful Kitchen Renovations Edmonton. From Day 1 the biggest thing that stood out was their responsiveness. We received prompt responses and never had to wait for a reply on any of our questions or requirements. They manufacture their cabinets locally in Alberta, that was a plus. 
Installation was on time and they delivered on our expectations. We have worked with renovation contractors and cabinet companies in the past. These guys stand out. Cheers! Thanks for the amazing work and I have no hesitation in recommending you to others.


W. Bridges

I would highly recommend Beautiful Kitchen Renovations! They did a fantastic job at a reasonable price. The team was timely and they worked with us to give us exactly what we wanted in our kitchen renovation. Customer service was very personable and they were very responsive to any questions or concerns we had. Our kitchen looks beautiful!


– L. Slade

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